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The Challenges of growing Cut Flowers.

Well its been a challenging growing season so far, we started with a very cold spring, and then seemed to jump into high summer with nothing in between.

It had not rained here for 6 weeks and as a result all of the water butts were completely emptied out weeks ago.

The garden pests seem to have been loving this hot dry weather, Thrips on the sweat peas, Aphids on the Ami, Poppies and cornflowers, and black fly on too many things to name. I think part of the reason the pests are thriving is because the plants are growing under the stress of drought, despite my best effort to keep the newly planted crops watered and fed.

As I am writing this it is finally raining, I only hope it doesn't stop too soon.

A smiley Flower grower as the rain finally falls
A smiley Flower grower as the rain finally falls

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