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About Stems by Suzanne

Suzanne Dufty floral designer

British Flowers Sown and Grown at Home

Hello I am Suzanne and I grow seasonal, scented, English flowers in my cottage garden and little cutting patch in the Devon countryside between the village of Northlew and old market town of Hatherleigh. My flower season runs from April until October, weather permitting.The flowers I grow are truly seasonal and you will only ever receive flowers that are the best in the garden that day.​The garden is not open to the public, and all flowers need to be ordered in advance, so that the flowers can be freshly cut, conditioned and arranged ready for you to enjoy. Collection or very local delivery can be arranged at the time of order.I grow my flowers organically in a way that benefits the soil and the ecosystem..Occasionally I order flowers from other local growers, but predominately the flowers are sown and grown here by me.I am very Proud to be a member of Flowers from the Farm.    I have fun filming content for my own little you tube channel, where you can follow my growing journey

A Toitoiseshell butterfly pearched on a white Buddleja

Sustainable Flowers

Integrating sustainability into our gardens has never been more important. Soil is essential to life on earth and so Its declining health spells trouble for everyone. Considering that just one teaspoon of soil can hold more organisms than there are people on the whole planet, our soils are well worth protecting, In my garden I am continually looking to improve the soil for the benefit of both my plants and the environment.

 Add to that the dramatically decreasing insect population across the globe as a result of intensive agricultural methods and overuse of pesticides. That’s why I do not use any chemicals in my garden and make conscious efforts to enhance my garden environment for them, and in turn benefiting the whole eco system. We need these wonderful little pollinators, so changing are gardening practices is essential.

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